Acquisition Management Support Services

Road Map Consulting provides comprehensive start-to-finish support for negotiated contracts, simplified acquisitions, and assisted acquisitions. Our certified acquisition professionals oversee the entire acquisition life cycle, including acquisition planning, soliciting and assessing offers, and negotiating, awarding, administering, and closing government contracts.

Road Map Consulting utilizes all applicable acquisition vehicles, recognized by Federal Acquisition Regulations, to meet the specific needs of each customer while adhering to a maze of complicated laws and federal regulations.  We actively seek to reduce contract and acquisition costs through the use of competition and other tools, such as strategic sourcing vehicles, including Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), General Services Administration (GSA) schedules, and local awards.

Acquisition Management

Incorporating a Life-Cycle and Performance-Oriented, Best-Value Approach for Effective Business Solutions. Supporting the Federal Civilian, Intelligence and Defense acquisition markets, we follow a performance based, life cycle approach, mapping your requirements to strategic organizational outcomes, mission, goals and objectives.

Road Map Consulting provides cutting-edge acquisition, financial, program and IT service to the federal government. We provide an exceptional cadre of acquisition, contracting and procurement specialists, coupled with a responsive management organization.

Experienced Personnel

Road Map Consulting consultants consists of the highest, technically-qualified personnel with proven backgrounds in providing outstanding past performance and quality service to the Federal Government. Road Map Consulting ’s acquisition professionals have served as hands-on, working members of various Federal executive, middle-management, and professional staff teams assisting them through their complex acquisitions.

In addition, we have authored several articles and briefed senior procurement executives on acquisition reform and presented applicable concepts to senior federal officials at numerous conferences and symposiums. We are actively involved in numerous acquisition organizations.

Procurement and Contracting

Adhering to Federal Acquisition and agency regulations, Road Map Consulting consultants quickly and accurately source, evaluate and award agency procurements. Our personnel are experienced on a myriad of procurement systems and adapt quickly to any federal procurement environment. Our services include:

  • Drafting performance based acquisitions

  • Conducting market research

  • Performing pre-award, award and post award support

  • Conducting source selection assistance

  • Performing contract management support

Program Management Support

Keenly combining people, process, and technology, Road Map Consulting delivers program management solutions for your technology, business, systems and enterprise needs. We specialize in formulating nation-wide Integrated Product Teams (IPT) to mitigate your risks and ensure your costs are on target, schedules are met, and performance exceeds expectations. Our program management services include:

  • Formulating and facilitating IPTs

  • Performance Management

  • Organizational Change

  • Strategic Planning

  • Facilitation

  • Management Support

  • Program Integration

Acquisition Re-Engineering

The acquisition reform revolution has been taking place since Vice President Gore initiated his re-inventing government project in 1993. Federal agencies initiated their own unique answer to acquisition reform, incorporating a combination of methods including traditional acquisitions, business process reengineering, best practices, benchmarking, and team building. Project managers and contracting officers can most successfully implement acquisition reform by using a well-defined process and team approach as follows:

  • Careful, up-front planning is critical to acquisition reform

  • A structured team approach is the cornerstone in organization streamlining

However, there is no single set of rules or solutions when streamlining an organization. Each action requires separate and distinct solutions to help ensure successful change management in acquisition reform thereby ensuring an effective business solution for your organization.

Management Programs

Management of your Acquisition, Business, and Training programs in an ever evolving and dynamic acquisition environment is becoming a greater challenge with the downsizing of the acquisition workforce. As a result of this downsizing, greater emphasis is placed on operational programs and less emphasis on management. However, this lack of emphasis on the acquisition environment has reached a point where operational support, in some agencies, is impacted. Our management support assists in developing, implementing, and tracking enterprise-level acquisition and contracting programs including but not limited to:

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Acquisition reform

  • Best practices

  • Audit, policy and oversight support

  • COTR training and assistance

  • Risk mitigation; and

  • Performance based service acquisitions​

Regulatory Compliance

Despite an emphasis on business acumen and decision-making within the acquisition workforce and contracting process, the acquisition community continues to be overburdened with audits, IG inspections, internal reviews, emphasis on regulatory compliance, and unending legislative changes. Road Map Consulting ’s acquisition services includes support to any agency to ensure regulatory and policy compliance with the Stimulus Spending Bill, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), OMB Circulars, Agency acquisition regulations, and internal operating procedures.


Road Map Consulting Consultants provides an exceptional cadre of acquisition, contracting and procurement specialists, coupled with a responsive management organization. Road Map Consulting consists of the highest, technically-qualified personnel with proven backgrounds in providing outstanding past performance and quality service to the Federal Government. Road Map Consulting ’s acquisition professionals have served as hands-on, working member of various Federal executive, middle management, and professional staff teams assisting them through their complex acquisitions. In addition, we have authored several articles and briefed senior procurement executives on acquisition reform and presented applicable concepts to senior federal officials at numerous conferences and symposiums. We are actively involved in numerous acquisition organizations including the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Defense Acquisition University (DAU), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), and Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA).

Procurement and Contracting Support

  • Performance Based Acquisitions

  • Market Research

  • Source Selection

  • Contract Award

  • Contract Management

DOD 5000 Program Support

  • JCIDS-Based Requirements Development

  • Acquisition Milestone Documentation

  • Earned Value Management

  • PMO Support

RMC provides cost effective acquisition management solutions to federal agencies with superior support services dedicated to meeting federal agencies acquisition requirements throughout the complex contracts lifecycle from start to finish.

Statements of Work/Specifications/Requirements Documents

We assist in development and preparation of pre-award Request for Information (RFI), Statements of Work (SOW), Statements of Objective (SOO) and other requirements documents. This effort includes assisting program offices in researching and drafting specifications and standards, including Performance-based Work Statements (PWS); developing performance measures, providing consultation and recommendations; and coordinating requirements documents.

RMC Deliverables: SOWs; SOOs; PWSs; and related documents​

Acquisition Strategy Support

We provide advice and recommendations for all elements in acquisition plans, including approaches, options, strategies, risks, contracting methods, competition, sources, cost, milestone schedule, etc. Research existing Government- wide contracts for available products and services. Evaluate different approaches to and sources for acquisition support. Research available suppliers and compare the services and costs of obtaining support from the different providers.

RMC Deliverables: Written acquisition plans.

Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE)

RMC provides assistance to the program offices in preparing IGCEs. Such assistance may include and is not limited to research and analysis of past purchases of similar products or services, current market value of the products or services, other agency purchases of similar products and services.

RMC Deliverables: IGCEs

Market Research and Market Surveys

We assist in conducting market research to identify potential sources and contract vehicles. Potential sources could include socio-economic program participants (i.e., small businesses, small and disadvantaged businesses, HUB Zone businesses). Potential vehicles should include authorized Cooperative contracts, State-wide Agency Contracts, and other agency contracts. Conduct market surveys and prepare written documentation of market research. Support program offices in documenting small business capability analysis. Prepare solicitations on eProcurement systems and other electronic posting announcements.

RMC Deliverables: Market research documentation; eProcurement solicitations and other electronic posting announcements; small business capability analyses.

Cost & Pricing Analysis

We conduct cost and pricing analysis through the acquisition life-cycle to include cost realism analysis. Determine pricing fair and reasonable through Comparison of Other proposed prices received in response to the solicitation; Comparison with commercial prices including competitive published price lists, published commodity market prices, similar indexes, and discount or rebate arrangements; Comparison to previously-proposed prices, historical prices; Parametric estimates or estimates developed using rough yardsticks; or Independent Government Estimates. Conduct cost analysis to include Verification of cost data or pricing data and evaluation of cost elements; Evaluating the effect of the offeror’s current practices on future costs; Comparison of costs proposed by the offeror for individual cost elements with actual costs, previous cost estimates, other cost estimates received in response to the Government’s request, independent government estimates, or forecasts; Verification of compliance with contract cost principles and procedures and Cost Accounting Standards; Identification of any cost or pricing data needed to make the proposal accurate, complete and current; Analysis of the results of any make-or-buy program reviews.

RMC Deliverables: Cost and pricing analyses; Cost realism analysis; Make-or-buy review

​​Pre-Award Documentation and Source Selection

We assist in evaluation process and assure written documentation to support both informal and formal source selection procedures. If formal source selection procedures are used – Prepare Source Selection Plans, instruct evaluation team members on roles and responsibilities, ensure Conflict of Interest/Nondisclosure Forms are signed, prepare evaluation sheets, and prepare draft of Source Selection Decision Memorandum. Other pre-award documents may Determinations and Findings (D&Fs), Justifications and Approvals (J&As), and other necessary contract file documents.

RMC Deliverables: Source selection evaluation documentation; D&Fs; J&As; and other necessary contract file documents.


We prepare Request for Quotes (RFQs), Request for Proposals (RFPs) including two-phased design/build solicitations, and other hybrid Solicitations using the respective formal publication

System of the jurisdiction. Assure the solicitation includes all appropriate solicitation terms and conditions. Recommend and prepare unique terms and conditions as required. Prior to release of solicitation, verify that funds are available and obtain legal concurrence. Release solicitation by electronic posting, email, fax or mail.

RMC Deliverables: Solicitations

Contract Award

We work with evaluators and Procurement Officer (PO) to identify pre-negotiation objectives and assist the PO with discussions with Offerors. Prepare final contract award documents for task and delivery orders and stand-alone contracts. Obtain legal concurrence. Distribute contract(s) to appropriate parties. Report contract actions according to the respective states’ data calls.

RMC Deliverables: Reporting documentation, Contract file documentation

Post-Award Support

We prepare appropriate documentation for contract modifications, including the exercise of options. Monitor contractor/subcontractor performance, including schedules and milestones. Monitor contractor/sub-contractor compliance with terms of the contract, including site visits and labor interviews. Assist in the preparation of incentive and award fees. Assist in the resolution of performance problems. Process contractor invoices, including contract funding status management.

RMC Deliverables Modifications, award or incentive fee determinations, invoice packages, correspondence.

Policy Support

We assist in the development, implementation, and oversight of policy initiatives. Assist in the analysis of policy proposals. Provide expert advice on acquisition policy.

RMC Deliverables. Policy analysis and briefings. Policy guides and handbooks.

Automated Systems Support

We plan, deploy, and maintain state procurement business systems. Collect and analyze acquisition data.

RMC Deliverables: Deployment plans. Users guides. Reports.

​Small Business Support

We review proposed actions for small business opportunities. Monitor achievement of socioeconomic goals. Organize outreach events and small business conferences. Advise individual small businesses on potential opportunities. Provide expert advice on small business matters to contracting officers.

RMC Deliverables: Outreach events. Small Business Coordination Reviews. Reports.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V)

We develop and maintain an independent verification and validation plan to be used in assuring quality performance/output of a specific contract(s) that pertain to an upgrade or new system for the purposes of enhancing the acquisition process (for example: an e-procurement system). Work with the Contractor(s)/project team to ensure success of deliverables by responding to the key components of an IV & V contract—1. Are we building the system right? 2. Are we building the right system?

RMC Deliverables: Performance management plan, compliance with Federal Requirements (if applicable).