Dan JewissInstructor

Dan joined the Connecticut State Police in 1998, where as a Trooper he worked the road for 4 years in the northwest corner of CT.  He then spent 12 years as a Detective in the Western District Major Crime Squad, where he investigated numerous felony cases, including the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  During his career, Dan also taught Leadership as part of the CT State Police Leadership Development Program.  In 2014, Dan was selected to be an Instructor at the CT State Police Training Academy, where his primary role today is teaching Search & Seizure and Leadership & Team-Building.  As the case officer, Dan also remains committed to supporting the victims’ families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  He also travels throughout the U.S. to share his personal analysis and Lessons Learned of that tragedy with the 1st Responder community and school officials in an effort to save lives in the future.

Dan also served for 20 years in the CT Army National Guard.  During his military career, Dan served full-time for 3 years in Counterdrug Operations, where he helped establish military based training for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  As a Sergeant First Class he was selected to be a TAC for Officer Candidate School, where he became a certified Army Instructor and Platoon Trainer.  He helped develop, coordinate and conduct Leadership training to mentor soldiers to become commissioned officers in the United States Army.  Dan eventually became the Chief Instructor at OCS and then the Battalion Operations Non-Commissioned Officer at the Leadership Regiment at Camp Niantic in CT, before he retired in 2011 at the rank of Master Sergeant.

In the private arena, Dan has been conducting training and consulting for various law enforcement agencies, military units, corporations and a variety of youth groups since 2008.  He is a Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Instructor and a co-creator and instructor of the Performance Leadership Model.  In both the classroom and field environments, Dan focuses on teaching tomorrow’s Leaders how to develop their own character, as well as a strong foundation of Leadership and Team-Building skills.  In all his capacities, Dan strives to inspire his students to become positive influences in their families and communities.

Dan is also the proud father to his two beautiful daughters.